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Most people like to clean their dog multiple times during the year. However, if you are unable to clean your dog like you want because of time; we are willing to give your pet a bath during their stay for a small extra fee. Just tell us ahead of time or during their stay if you want this service.

We always try our best to keep our clients as clean as possible during their stay but if your dog gets dirty from digging or rolling on the ground during the stay we will let you know and give them a bath if you decide you would like your pet clean before we return them to you.  


When most clients request bathing, they often ask about grooming services also.

If requested we will brush your furry friend and remove ticks and fleas during their stay for no extra charge. If necessary during an extended stay, upon owner desire, we can schedule and take your dog to a professional groomer in the area for your convenience. All you have to do is request and reimburse us for our travel and the cost of the grooming service. 

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