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Dog Walking and Pet/House Sitting

Ever had a long day at work where you had to leave your dog home alone for an extended period of time?

Here at  Dawg Vacation House we have a solution; so you don't have to worry about  your furry friends when situations arise. We offer the service of dog walking and pet/house sitting during the day. For dog walking we will come to your house and walk your dog where you specify for about 20-40 minutes. After a walk, we always give your dog a fresh bowl of water, a treat, and write a note to tell you how the walk went for no extra charge. Also we will bring in the mail, water plants, and take in/out trash upon request.  As for pet sitting; we will come to your house to watch it, and will give your dog exercise and loving attention for a longer period of time.  Also during the sitting period; we will do the chores mentioned above if requested. Call and we can discuss what arrangements are needed for you and your pet.

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